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With more and more students choosing to study abroad increasing each season, Study Abroad is something which should be taken with a lot of care, and the decisions regarding it must be made cautiously. There are numerous advantages of studying Abroad however, the programs that you'll be participating in will not just determine your educational path, but also your future plans after graduation depend on them as well. These are the top study abroad programs and study abroad courses that are suitable for international students. They are not listed in any particular order, as each has its own place in the world.

1. Study MBA Abroad:

Management and Management is an area that is never out of the water. Every industry and every business requires professionals from these fields of study. The pursuit of an MBA abroad is always going to do well for your resume. The USA is always regarded as the most ideal nation to pursue an MBA. But, it is also possible to use the list below of the top countries to study MBA in abroad:

  1. Top MBA Universities to Study in USA

  2. Top MBA Universities to Study in UK

  3. Top MBA Universities to Study in Canada

  4. Top MBA Universities to Study in Australia

  5. Top MBA Universities to Study in Germany

Below are the best 5 universities in the world that offer MBA programs. MBA in other countries:

  1. Harvard University, USA

  2. INSEAD, France

  3. London Business School, UK

  4. MIT, USA

  5. University of Pennsylvania, USA

2. Fine Arts

Improve your dance skills by attending a renowned Italian dance academy during a summer or semester session. You'll also have the opportunity to complete an job with a local professional dance company as well. Your resume will be enhanced and you'll make an impression at auditions, and you'll get to visit the breathtaking Florence. Florence.

As a committed art student you've had the opportunity to see almost every kind of art you've ever thought of, from classical realist to boldly contemporary however what happens to the art you've never thought of? Everyone is looking for experiences and exposure to amazing and diverse types of inspiration. You've probably looked through every image you could see from the Sistine Chapel, but why not view this through your lens? Study abroad programs in art could bring you closer to the artists you've never heard of and let you see the textbooks you've read really come alive.

Similar to American institutions of education Art schools in other countries provide a variety of higher education levels, ranging from undergraduate degrees to graduate programs. The undergraduate programs could concentrate on enhancing students' capacity to master basic artistic abilities like sculpting, sketching wooden work, the use of digital media and screen printing. In addition, the course could be focused on the history of art and developments in the region. Graduate-level courses are offered through various schools at both the master of Fine Arts in the world and doctoral levels. Students who are enrolled in these programs can decide to pursue an academic research project or a culminating performance project based on the purpose of their course. When they earn their degree students could also have the possibility of pursuing internship opportunities at institutions of higher education.

List of universities offering the best programs to study abroad for Fine Arts:

  1. Universities in USA for Fine Arts

  2. Universities in UK for Fine Arts

  3. Universities in France for Fine Arts

  4. Universities in Australia for Fine Arts

The top universities to study abroad to study Fine Arts:

  1. University of Oxford, UK

  2. University of Chicago, USA

  3. Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  4. University of Minnesota, USA

  5. American Conservatory Theatre, USA

3. Engineering Study Abroad:

Computer Science, Mechanical and Automotive, Manufacturing and Metallurgy, Sustainable and Renewable Energy The fields listed here are subsets of Engineering courses. Engineering is what keeps the world in motion. The career and future possibilities are limitless. Here are the top Engineering programs to pursue in the United States:

  1. List of Top Engineering Universities in USA

  2. List of Top Engineering Universities in Germany

  3. List of Top Engineering Universities in Switzerland

  4. List of Top Engineering Universities in Canada

  5. List of Top Engineering Universities in UK

Top Engineering Universities in the World:

  1. MIT, USA

  2. Stanford University, USA

  3. University of Cambridge, UK

  4. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  5. Imperial College London, UK

4. Media and Mass Communication:

Mass Communication and Media studies are a must included in your plans to pursue a degree abroad. These are the most effective study abroad programs that offer many different filmmaking as well as video editing journalism and advertising. The possibilities are endless and the top courses for studying abroad in this field include Graphic Design, Animation and VFX, Creative Writing, Digital Marketing as well as Film Studies.

  1. List of Universities in USA to Study Media and Mass Communication

  2. List of Universities in UK to Study Media and Mass Communication

  3. List of Universities in Netherlands to Study Media and Mass Communication

Top Universities in World to Study Media and Mass Communications:

  1. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

  2. University of Southern California, USA

  3. London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK

  4. University of Texas at Austin, USA

  5. Stanford University, USA

5. Library Science

It is usually studied by people who want to become librarians. However students who want to become librarians, archivists, museum curators and teachers can also enroll in classes in library science. Master's and bachelor's degree programs in library science offer classes in the traditional system of libraries as well as modern information technologies.

Students in library science classes learn to manage and catalog library items, design and maintain databases of information, and provide assistance to patrons of libraries. They can be offered on campus or in online formats. Librarians generally require master's degrees, but those who want to become librarians in certain states may also be required to pass a pre-determined Library Media Specialist test and/or be certified as a teacher for those who are employed within public institutions.

Here is a brief outline of the common ideas taught in library science classes:

  • Information organization

  • Collection/retrieval

  • Behaviors related to information

  • Methods of research

  • Management for Information Professionals

List of universities offering the top study abroad programs in the Library Management:

  1. University of Sheffield, UK

  2. University of Northern Carolina, USA

  3. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

  4. University of British Columbia, Canada

  5. Indiana University, USA

6. Criminal Psychology

Criminal psychology classes are available at numerous universities. They concentrate on the criminal mind, and are among of the top Study Abroad Programs. Criminal psychology classes are typically provided as part of bachelor's and master's degrees in criminology, or master's or doctoral courses in psychology. Students who complete these programs could find jobs in areas such as police as well as criminal profiling and psychology.

Here is a summary of the most common concepts that are explored in Criminal Psychology courses:

  • Criminal justice ethics

  • Unusual behavior

  • Drug abuse pattern

  • Statistics on behavior

  • Psychology of adolescents

7. Pure and Applied Sciences:

The pure science courses are fundamental sciences, and are more closely linked to the study and understanding of the subject. The applied science program focuses on practical application and problem solving through using the knowledge of Science everyday life to research and development.

The top study abroad programs comprise of Biotechnology, Genetics, Food Technology, Agricultural Sciences as well as Applications of Physics along with Mathematics.

The top universities with the Best Study Abroad programs to study Science

  1. MIT, USA

  2. Stanford University, USA

  3. University of Cambridge, UK

  4. University of Oxford, UK

  5. Harvard University, USA

8. Data Analysis & Data Science

According to some estimates Data analysts make more than Engineers earn today. This is one of the most effective program for studying abroad that has been developed in the past decade. Data analysts hold crucial roles to play in the expansion of the business and this job requires managerial and analytical abilities. India as well as Canada, USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK are major markets that require for most jobs in area of Data Analysis and Science.

Top Universities in World for Data Analytics:

  1. USA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  2. UK: University College London

  3. Australia: University of Melbourne

  4. Canada: University of Ottawa

  5. France: ESSEC Business School

9. Business, Banking, and Finance:

Another of the top Study Abroad Programs that never goes out of fashion are Business and Finance. Classes like Banking and Finance, Risk and Finance as well as Investment Banker are among the most sought-after classes for economics. They almost guarantee jobs with a white collar, similar to Wall Street after your studies, and the courses provide the means to achieve it.

  • List of Universities for Banking and Finance in USA

  • List of Universities for Banking and Finance in UK

  • List of Universities for Banking and Finance in Australia

  • List of Universities for Banking and Finance in Canada

  • List of Universities for Banking and Finance in France

Top Universities around the world to study Finance and Banking:

  1. Harvard University, USA

  2. MIT, USA

  3. Stanford University, USA

  4. University of Oxford, UK

  5. London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

10. Petroleum Engineering, Earth Sciences, and Renewable Energy:

As humans are constantly seeking energy sources that include energy sources that are conventional and alternative will require staff. Earth Sciences deal with Oil and Petroleum Energy, Mining and related areas.

In the wake of Global Warming and the movement towards reducing carbon footprints Renewable energy is open to those who want to be enrolled in the top study abroad programs.

Courses Include Earth Science, Petroleum Engineering, Renewable Energy, Geology, Oil and Gas Technology.

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